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Hard Drive Backup to the Internet -- Comparison of Highest Rated Sites

Make sure your data is safe -- backup automatically to Internet storage sites, for low cost. For as little as $4.95 per month (depending on plan and service) you can backup your entire hard drive to offsite storage on the Internet.  Just install the software, select the files and folders to backup, set the backup schedule, and you hard drive will be backed up automatically. High bandwidth connection required. Key Features (
1) Unlimited storage for one computer for $69.50 per year, depending on plan chosen. Other plans are offered with additional features.
2) Encrypted backup for security. No one but you can access your files.
3) Installation and setup is very easy. Just set it up once, and it works in the background to keep your files backed up.
4) Retrieve data from any computer connected to the Internet.
5) Backup monitors your computer to perform most of the backup when the computer is idle or low useage. Can also backup on a schedule.
6) Up to 30 versions of each file are backed up with the same file name. Any version can be retrieved at any time. If a file is deleted off your hard drive, it is removed from your online storage 30 days later.
7) Free backup software is provided. You must use their software, not your own backup software. It is simple to use but sometimes backs up when you busy with the computer and don't want it to.
8) Select which files and folders you want to backup.
9) Will backup multiple computers and networked drives.
10) Any file type can be backed up.
11) Works Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10.

Another good service is, with even more features, but currently doesn't have unlimited backup.

Favorite Local Hard Drive Backup Applications
Highest rated backup programs for backing up your local hard drive to a second hard drive or network location.

SyncbackSE --
1) Very powerful, fully featured, easy to use
2) Works well over a network

Second Copy --
1) Easy to use
2) Enough power for most users


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